ELDOA and Myofascial Stretches are incredibly powerful techniques created by Guy Voyer DO to help heal back pain and many other orthopedic problems people experience. It is very important that these tools are practiced and mastered by those who learn them through the certification courses before being prescribed to clients/patients or in group classes.

There are many very talented health practitioners around the world who have been studying for years with Dr. Guy Voyer in his Osteopath and Somatraining/therapy Programs in order to learn the intricacies and many layers that Dr. Voyer has developed to treat the fascia.

ELDOA METHOD Myofascial Stretching & Spinal Decompression is a vehicle that I have personally developed based on the theory and practice that I have learned from Dr. Guy Voyer to teach these techniques to my clients. The ELDOA METHOD Classes that I teach are carefully organized to respect Dr. Voyer's Methodology in a group setting to provide a continuous resource for those seeking the benefits of MFS and ELDOAs for themselves. The ELDOA METHOD website is a personal business website to be used as a resource for my clients/patients to get information about the techniques used in the ELDOA METHOD Classes and my business contact. Not to be confused with the ELDOA and MFS Courses taught by Guy Voyer DO to be Certified in these techniques or anyone else's practices.