My Story - The ELDOA Method Classes

Welcome to the ELDOA Method website. My name is Stephanie McCusker. I am a SomaPractitioner who has had the incredible opportunity and immense pleasure of experiencing the teachings of world renowned Osteopath, Dr. Guy Voyer D.O. With my foundation of a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, Certifications with the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the CHEK Institute of Vista, CA, I have adopted the methodologies of Dr. Voyer to help many individuals get out of pain and reach their health and performance goals.

I began my education with Guy Voyer DO in Los Angeles, CA, over 5 years ago attending the Somatraining Certification Program Courses hosted by Brent Meier of Global Health and Performance. After years of working with individuals, implementing the many techniques I've learned from Dr. Voyer, in February 2013, I decided to organize semi private group sessions at my location in Los Angeles. With the specific combination of Myofascial Stretches and ELDOA exercises, my goal of each session was to provide clients a full hour dedicated to learning these amazing techniques and reap the benefits of performing them consistently at a high level. Thus began the ELDOA Method Classes.

There are many Health Practitioners spread out all across the US, Canada and Europe who have attended Dr. Voyer's Myofascial Stretching and ELDOA Certification Courses, teaching these techniques in group sessions. Out of respect to the process and with the understanding of proper progressions, I take great care in staying true to Dr. Voyer's teachings in the ELDOA Method classes. I want to ensure the most quality information and instruction I can provide for all those who attend.

Following a successful year of teaching the ELDOA Method Classes in Los Angeles, I was presented an opportunity to work with highly recognized and respected physiotherapist and CHEK Institute Instructor, Suzi Nevell, in Auckland, New Zealand. Now, with Suzi's assistance, I am currently in Auckland organizing the ELDOA Method Classes in hopes to teach these incredible techniques to as many New Zealanders as possible. Launching the ELDOA Method website has been just the beginning for growing these classes. The ELDOA Method Classes are continuing to find success in LA, with the help of my friend and colleague, Deane Birkett, teaching the classes and I hope to be able to accomplish the same here in Auckland.