Last Chance to Sign Up for the ELDOA Level 1 Certification Course - being held in Auckland, NZ for the first time ever! ELDOA techniques are growing more and more in popularity as health professionals and clients all around the world are discovering their many unique benefits.

I receive emails on a weekly basis from people all over the globe inquiring where they can attend ELDOA classes in their area or become certified to teach the techniques. Here are just a few:

"I have bulging disks and was hoping your program could help me. Is there a practice in Melbourne I could attend!"
"Do u know of a great practitioner in nyc or Connecticut Or how do I get therapy by dr. Voyer.?"
"I am also kinesiology person and interested to learn this method but the problem is I am from Europe, Croatia. And I didn't find if there is any courses in Europe. Can you help me about that information? Are there any Eldoa instructors in Europe?"
"Hello. Are there any courses in Germany?"
"Hi, Im a practicing Osteopath in Australia, I would like to complete some training to become an Eldoa certified instructor. Could you please give me details of where I can do training courses?"
"I live in Costa Rica, im curious to know if you have any instructors or certifications here? or if you would be interested in coming here to teach eldoa?"
"I am a track and field coach in South Africa and am really interested in becoming ELDOA certified. Where can one do a course."

It's true that the ELDOA techniques are new and different and not very well known, but the demand is growing!! ELDOA Level 1 is your first step towards becoming a fully certified ELDOA Instructor through the Newly Designed ELDOA Program. Start your journey this weekend! There are only 3 spaces left so visit the Seminars/Workshop Page for more course information and book your spot for November 7th and 8th before the end of the week! Contact us if you have any questions.