ELDOA METHOD is adding another class to the weekly schedule! We will be starting a 5:30pm class on Thursday evenings at the Studio in Eden Terrace. March will be the kick off with our first Thursday class scheduled for the 5th.

With four ELDOA METHOD classes being offered throughout the week, we hope that this will better accommodate our clients' busy schedules. The myofascial stretches and ELDOA exercises that we do during the ELDOA METHOD classes are a fantastic way to bring balance to your work and training routines. But, like oatmeal is "part of a complete breakfast", it is important that you are including other important facets to achieve optimal health and performance.

Strength exercises play a very necessary role in the proper function and movement of our bodies and joints. If you are interested in learning specific muscular reinforcement exercises that you can add to your health program, such as for stronger abdominals, glutes, shoulders, back etc, please contact us to schedule one on one sessions. Or if you and some friends or colleagues who are interested in organizing a semiprivate group strength session, we can schedule a time that suits best!