1 Month UNLIMITED ELDOA METHOD Classes for just $100! 

The goal of the ELDOA Method Classe is not complicated... CREATE SPACE! 

However, the MYOFASCIAL STRETCHING and ELDOA techniques themselves can be rather complex - and much like learning a new language, it takes time and practice to really begin to master the positions and gain the full benefits.

If you have back pain, joint inflammation, or soft tissue damage, these are symptoms that can often be the result of years of repetitive motion or imbalances in your structure... the healing process will take far less time when you give your body enough of the right stimulus!

So now, when you attend your FIRST FREE Trial ELDOA METHOD Class at our Eden Terrace location in Auckland - you can sign up for an introductory 1 month of UNLIMITED classes for just $100! We want you to succeed! We want your body to feel the difference when you integrate ELDOA METHOD Classes into your life! 

Please, contact us to schedule your FIRST FREE Trial Class and take advantage of this offer! Visit and message us about your chronic/acute pain or goals to improve your body and performance!