Starting this Saturday in Auckland, NZ!

A very large component to spinal health, joint function and injury rehabilitation comes from STRENGTH. Lead by Stephanie McCusker, the Strength and Stability Classes are 45 minute semi-private classes that are a combination of specific analytical and global exercises designed by Osteopath Guy Voyer DO to improve joint stability, muscle imbalances, spinal curvatures and sports performance. These classes are in a block training format that will focus on movements using bodyweight and high volume to reinforce muscular quality, endurance, growth and also cardio respiratory training. You will learn countless new exercises and receive essential feedback on proper form and modifications. This is not about gimmicks or trends - just pure strength conditioning. Come to these classes for a fantastic challenge and a bit of fun.

Rectus Abdominus - Obliques - Lower Abdominals - Static - Dynamic - 9 Part Abs - Diaphragm - Spinal Erectors - Glute Max Deep/Superficial - Glute Medius - Pecs - Lats - Rhomboids - Deltoids - Shoulder Stabilizers - Quads - Hamstrings - Calves - Squats - Lunges - and much more!

Start Date: 4 JUNE 2016
When: Saturday Mornings Weekly
Time: 9:00 - 9:45am
Location: Eden Terrace Studio - 10 New North Rd Auckland, NZ 1021

Who: These classes are suitable for people of all levels of ability and the exercises will be adjusted to individual needs - however, to ensure quality and safety, these classes are limited to Patrons of ELDOA METHOD Classes who must be prequalified by Stephanie or Suzi to attend (New clients must first book a one on one session to complete initial evaluation) **No Trainers or Health Professionals**

Pricing: $20 per class
(EM 10 Pack classes can be used)
(Included in EM Unlimited Package)

Please message us with any questions you may have - Thanks!