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The NEW ELDOA PROGRAM is offered as a stand-alone program in 6 Levels*

Currently only Levels 1-2 are available in Australia and New Zealand

Level 1 -  Intro to ELDOA – The Foundational Exercises - 2 days

Level 2 -  L5-S1 to C2-C3 - 3 days

Level 3 - Ribs, Shoulders and Hips - 3 days

Level 4 - Sacroiliac Joint and Pubic Symphysis + Exam - 5 days

Level 5 - The Skull, Upper Cervical, TMJ, Head Injuries and Lesions of the spine

Level 6 - Clinical applications in addition to clinical ADAPTATIONS + Exam


In level 4 and 6 there will be an exam to prove practitioner proficiency with the ELDOA techniques as well as a class graduation from the Soma ELDOA program

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Sydney, Australia

Certificate of Applied Trainer
European Diploma of Animator in Sport, Health and Fitness Training
Duration: 3 Years - 4 Seminars over an 8 to 10 month period. Each Seminar lasts 3 days

- Examination of the Knee - 26-28 NOV 2016 - completed

Year 1:

7-9 APR 2017 - Strengthening of the Abdominals & Diaphragm - completed
23-25 JUN 2017 - Strengthening of the Lower Limbs - completed
25-27 AUG 2017 - Strengthening of the Upper Limbs & Trunk - completed
24-26 NOV 2017 - Global Movement and Posturology – The Squat - completed

Year 2:

6-8 APRIL 2018 - General ELDOA (Levels 1-2) - completed
29 JUNE - 2 JULY 2018 - Myofascial Stretching - completed
31 AUG - 2 SEPT 2018 - Specific ELDOA (Levels 3-5) - completed
16-18 NOV 2018 - Specific Proprioception and Awareness - completed
19-21 NOV 2018 - Periodization - completed

Year 3:

22 - 24 MAR 2019 - Circulatory and Respiratory Techniques - completed
24 - 26 MAY 2019 - Global Postural Stretching
Early AUG TBC - Cardio Training and Physical Conditioning
6 - 8 DEC 2019 - Pathologies Sports, Kinesiology and Strapping

9 - 11 DEC 2019 - Clinical Application & Evaluation

Upon completion of all of the Level One, Two and Three courses, a Diploma of SomaTrainer
and an European Diploma of Physical Training (FFCP) will be awarded.

*This is only a very brief description. Please click on the button below

to find in depth detail about program and schedule for upcoming courses.


What is a SomaTraining/SomaTherapy Practitioner?

World renowned Osteopath Dr. Guy VOYER has institutes and education programs currently being taught  in multiple locations, in several countries across the globe.  Among his students there are medical doctors, osteopaths, physical therapists, chiropractors and many other health professionals enrolled into his programs. The SomaTraining and SomaTherapy Certification Programs are 3-4 year programs with a curriculum consisting of incredibly in depth knowledge about the body, fascia, biomechanics, physiology, etc... but more importantly an incredible amounts of techniques and tools that help improve the level of all professionals who attend. SomaTrainers/therapists are taught to view and treat the human body as a dynamic global system with the ability to work with the complexity model and recognize that disfunction and injuries are only ever truly improved by addressing not only the problem but all that is in relation.

A Somatrainer/therapist specializes in:

  • Specific exercises to strengthen and reinforce muscle tissue and function

  • High performance strength and cardiovascular performance

  • Proprioception to improve joint stability and ligament function

  • ELDOA for all levels of the spine and specific joints in the body

  • Myofascial Stretching to improve quality of tissue and correct structural imbalances

  • Postural and gait analysis

  • Articular pumping to manually treat inflammation and quality of the fascia

  • Techniques to treat headaches, asthma, visceral function, bladder infections, menstrual problems, pregnancy pain, digestion, varicose veins, hernias, patellafemoral syndrome, sprains, rotator cuff injuries, frozen shoulder, lumbago, scoliosis, pre/rehabilitation from surgeries and more