What is ELDOA? - Ben Greenfield Podcast

A Little-Known, Highly-Effective Hack To Heal Your Spine, Get Massive Mobility Improvements & Change The Way You Move Forever.


It's been one year since Dr. Guy Voyer was in Australia to teach his SomaTraining Certification Courses ELDOA 1, ELDOA 2, and Myofascial Stretching. Jacob Magnusson Schoen travelled from the States to be one of the nearly 60 people in attendance to take these 3 incredible courses. Since then, Jacob is continuing to follow the Soma Training Program in the States and has recently done work with Ben Greenfield, ironman triathlete and fitness expert, giving him an introduction to ELDOA and Myofascial Stretching.

Clearly pretty blown away with these techniques, Ben invited Jacob onto his Podcast to talk about ELDOA - What it is... How it works... and so much more.

Check out the photos and podcast here!